Roof Profiles

CR32 Roof Profile (No Swages)


This variation of our CR32 profile is supplied without the swages in the troughs.

Used on both roofs and walls it is available in all finishes and colours. The profile is highly adaptable, with non-drip backing and curving, both viable options.

Please note that the removal of the swages can in some instances cause a rippling effect in the pan also known as herringboning, a disclaimer must be signed before we will manufacture this profile without the swages and you should contact a member of our sales team for further details on 01246 858222.

Please see the attached data sheet for all relevant load tables.

Available Colours

Goosewing Grey Plastisol (10A05)
Juniper Green Plastisol (12B29)
Merlin Grey Plastisol (18B25)
Olive Green Plastisol (12B27)
Slate Blue Plastisol (18B29)
Vandyke Brown Plastisol (08B29)
Aztec Yellow Plastisol (10E55)
Bamboo Plastisol (08C35)
Black Plastisol (00E53)
Buttermilk Plastisol (10C31)
Cornflower Blue Plastisol (18E53)
Forest Green Plastisol (RAL6002)
Ivory Plastisol (RAL9002)
Jade Green Plastisol (14C37)
Moorland Green Plastisol (12B21)
Mushroom Plastisol (10B19)
Navy Blue Plastisol (RAL5003)
New Grey Plastisol (10B23)
Ocean Blue Plastisol (18C39)
Pacific Blue Plastisol (18E58)
Pigeon Grey Plastisol (18B17)
Poppy Red Plastisol (04E53)
Saffron Yellow Plastisol (08E53)
Terracotta Plastisol (04C39)
Wedgewood Blue Plastisol (18C37)
White Plastisol (00E55)
Willow Plastisol (12B17)
Black Polyester (00E53)
Country Green Polyester
Goosewing Grey Polyester (10A05)
Juniper Green Polyester (12B29)
Merlin Grey Polyester (18B25)
Moorland Green Polyester (12B21)
Mushroom Polyester (10B19)
Olive Green Polyester (12B27)
Oyster Polyester (RAL7035)
Slate Blue Polyester (18B29)
Terracotta Polyester (04C39)
Van Dyke Brown Polyester (08B29)
White Polyester (00E55)
Agate Grey PVDF (RAL7038)
Alaska Grey PVDF (RAL7000)
Bahama Blue PVDF (RAL5015)
Black PVDF (00E53)
Glen Green PVDF (RAL6021)
Metallic Silver PVDF
Mountain Blue PVDF (RAL5014)
Oyster PVDF (RAL7035)
Pinewood Green PVDF (14C39)
Slate Grey PVDF (RAL7012)
White PVDF (RAL9010)
Anthracite HDX (RAL7016)
Grey Aluminium HDX (RAL9007)
Oyster HDX (RAL7035)
Slate Grey HDX (RAL7012)
White Aluminium HDX (RAL9006)
White HDX (RAL9010)
White Lining Enamel (RAL9010)


Profile Compatibility

Sheet Lengths

1.00m - 10.00m





Additional Services
Crimp Curve:
Non-Drip Backing:
Vented Sheet:
Curving Options







40.00m (Min)

Please note that in order to curve this profile it will be run without the purlin bearing leg to create an equal lap (symmetrical) finish. *The self curve radius is meant as a guide only and is not to be taken as definitive, the radius is dependant on material gauge and type, sheet length and purlin spacings all of which can alter this value. ** The maximum sheet length is dependant on the type of curve, please contact the sales office for further clarification.
Available in




Granite HDX



Aluminium (Mill Finish)

Lining Enamel