Curved & Vented Sheeting

Curved Sheeting


Coverworld’s curved sheet and liner panels are stylish, cost effective, easy to fix and can be used internally or externally. Coverworld CR34 and CR32 profiles are suitable for curved roofing and wall applications and are complimented by the Coverworld CL20 lining panels when twin skin systems are specified.

Used at the eaves, ridge, soffit or to form a complete roof, Coverworld curved sheets are ideal for reducing the necessity for flashings, fillers and multiplicity of fixings. Guttering can be hidden away or more easily sited and can also be placed at ground level to ease maintenance.

The minimum internal radius is 300mm for CR34 and CR32 sheets and 300mm for CL20 liner panels. For practical handling a maximum leg of 3 metres is recommended and the maximum overall length of any curved sheet is 6000mm, however this is dependant on the type or curve.

Please note that in order to curve the CR24, CL32, CR32 & CR38 profiles they have to be manufactured without the purlin bearing leg which gives them a symmetrical (equal lap) finish.

A complete range of curved flashings and associated accessories are available.

Coverworld offers first class technical back-up from the design stage through to application on site.


Required Information For Curved Sheeting

When ordering curved sheeting from Coverworld UK Ltd the following information, accompanied by a fully dimensioned drawing will be required;


  • Profile Type
  • Material, finish, gauge & colour
  • External radius of curve
  • Angle
  • Length of straight legs
  • Quantity
  • Handing (viewed from colourside)
  • Visible end (critical leg)
  • Total sheet length or external arc length



We have put together a set of order forms for curved sheeting which can be found on our downloads page