FAIRS (Factory Assembled Insulated Roof Lights)


FAIRS or Factory Assembled Insulated Roof Lights are also known as FADS (Factory Assembled Double Skin) or FATS (Factory Assembled Triple Skin) and are used in conjunction with Composite Panels. They are designed to provide high levels of natural light, with insulation values in compliance with Building Regulations Part L (England and Wales) and Section 6 of the Building (Scotland) Regulations Technical Handbooks. Non-Fragility conditions demanded by the Health and Safety Executive CDM requirements are also catered for in the FAIRS range.

  • Designed to provide compliance with Building Regulations Part L2 (England and Wales) and Section 6 of the Building (Scotland) Regulations Technical Handbooks
  • Available in profiles to match all current and obsolete composite panel systems
  • Optional ‘Supasafe’ top sheets for applications where there may be a risk of mechanical damage.
  • 25 -30 years life expectancy
  • Compliant with Building Regulations for fire safety


Bespoke Insulated Rooflights To Match Your Needs

FAIRS rooflights can be configured to provides the ideal solution for roof lighting in any profiled roof. UV protected GRP outer sheets can be manufactured to match all current profiles – and most discontinued ones. The central core can be adapted to provide the level of insulation required. U values as low as 1.0 W/m²K can be achieved. Lining panels are manufactured from profiled GRP to customer specification.


Tough & Durable

FAIRS rooflights are fabricated from high quality Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) which is robust, shatter resistant and unaffected by extremes of temperature. Long-term UV protected outer skins provide excellent resistance to degradation caused by weathering. Accelerated weather tests by an independent test laboratory under Clause 5 of BS EN1013:1-1998 Part1 have classified FILON rooflights as follows:

  • Clause 5.2:Light Transmission: Category Lo
  • Clause 5.4: Variation of Yellow Index and Light Transmission after ageing procedure: Classification Ao

These are the highest classifications under this standard.


Non-Fragile Rooflights

When used in applications where the rooflights may be subject to mechanical damage or where personnel may need to access roof areas, FAIRS rooflights can be specified with extra strong Supasafe top sheets.  These rooflights will remain durable and non-fragile for 25 to 30 years.


Excellent Light Diffusion

GRP sheet scatters transmitted light, to ensure even light distribution without internal glare or excessive shadows. This makes FAIRS rooflights ideal for all kinds of applications including areas where natural light is required for working spaces such as factories, commercial buildings, sports halls, stadia, agricultural buildings, and many other applications.


Fire Properties

FAIRS rooflights comply with Building Regulations for Fire Safety and are tested to BS 476 Parts 3. 7, and where appropriate Part 6. The normal fire ratings used are:

  • Grade 300 outer: AB to BS 476 Part 3
  • Grade 104 inner: Class 1 to BS 476 Part 7


Health & Safety

All FAIRS rooflights must be considered fragile until they are correctly fixed as recommended. Roof works should be completed in accordance with the recommendations published in the Health & Safety Executive Guidance note HS (G) 33 ‘Safety in Roof Work’. Roofs are dangerous places to work and it is recommended that the following information is included in the ‘Health and Safety File’ provided to the building owner. No person should have access to a roof unless under the direct supervision of an experienced roofer who should be sufficiently competent to assess any risks and take the necessary action to reduce such risks. Although designed to be non-fragile when installed, foot traffic on rooflights may damage and weaken the sheets and islikely to damage the UV resistant protective coating, thereby reducing the life and translucent qualities of the sheet. Do NOT walk on rooflights at any time. ALWAYS use crawling boards.



To minimise risks to future maintenance personnel, it is recommended that rooflights should not be located adjacent to valley or boundary wall gutters or within 2m of exposed roof edges.


Handling & Storage

FAIRS rooflights are supplied on pallets. They should be stored in flat, clean areas and secured against theft, accidental damage and the risk of being blown away. The rooflights should be stored under opaque covers, otherwise sheet stacks may act as solar batteries, boiling any moisture trapped between the sheets and potentially causing discolouration of the sheets. Inspect regularly to ensure that moisture has not penetrated the stack. When carrying FAIRS rooflights, care must be taken not to twist them. They must be carried by at least two people. The appropriate PPE should be worn at all times.



FAIRS rooflights should be regularly cleaned with warm water and detergents to maintain light transmission. The rooflights will remain structurally sound for at least 30 years. If required, the exposed surfaces of rooflights may be refurbished with a purpose-made coating to restore light transmission and prolong the life of the sheets.