Fibre Cement Sheeting

Farmscape Fibre Cement Sheeting


The Farmscape product range is designed to reduce the visual impact of buildings on the landscape by giving them a more natural look from new. This effect is achieved by applying a surface pigmentation to the top face of the sheet. Unlike a dense layer of gloss paint, this pigmentation allows the distinctive texture of the fibre cement substrate to show through and gives the product a far more natural appearance than the finish traditionally available to planners and designers.

  • Economically priced product for buildings that have to blend into the landscape
  • Factory applied matt finish¬†in an Anthracite colour
  • Vapour permeability to stop condensation
  • Non-fragile material suitable for HSG 33 applications
  • Easy to install and fix
  • Maintenance free product with 30 year durability guarantee (available on application)