Single Skin Rooflights


Coverworld’s wide range of GRP rooflights offers a cost effective solution to providing natural daylight in buildings.

With light transmission levels of upto 90%, Coverworlds GRP rooflights are ideally suited for use in retail, warehousing, industrial and agricultural projects.

There are various configurations of single, double or triple skin systems in a variety of different fire ratings and weight classifications allowing Coverworld to supply GRP rooflights for almost any type of project.

GRP rooflights consist of a translucent glass reinforced polyester (GRP) with a Melinex film coating that helps to reduce the degradation and discolouring associated with prolonged exposure to ultra violet light. Specifying the correct type of rooflight for any given project is now becoming more important than ever before.

Changes in recent years regarding non-fragility classifications mean that the correct choice of rooflight should be carefully considered ideally at the design stage. For further details please see the applicable download.

NARM (National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers) has been able to recommend the minimum weights necessary to ensure that non-fragility ratings can be expected to be retained for 25 years, with typical maintenance regimes.