Curved & Vented Sheeting

Vented Sheeting


The Coverworld Ventair wall sheet has been designed to provide an effective ventilation solution for a variety of building applications and is available in our CW32 profile.

It has an increased airflow in comparison to Yorkshire Boarding and is suitable for a variety of ventilation projects. The vents are 80mm wide and are spaced at 75mm centres as standard, however this can be reduced to 40mm centres if required (additional costs are involved). There must be a minimum of 225mm unvented material at the top and bottom of every sheet and the maximum sheet length available is 7000mm.

We are able to produce the product in any of our currently stocked materials allowing for a wide variety of colour, finish and thickness options. Although primarily aimed at the agricultural marketĀ it is not limited to this and can be successfully used in a variety of other applications wherever natural ventilation is required.