GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester)


Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) sheeting


  • Glass fibres and polyester resins
  • Insert fillers & UV stabilisers
  • Promoters & flame retardants


Personnel – Siteworks

Do NOT walk on sheets, ALWAYS use crawling boards. Although sheets will be designed to be ’Non-Fragile’ for the specific application, to prevent any deflections caused by point loading from damaging the sheets or sealants, crawling boards MUST always be used when fixing and carrying out maintenance work. Attention is drawn to the Health & Safety Executive Guidance Note HS(G)33 ‘Safety in Roof Work’, published by HMSO. Also to ACR[CP]001:2003 ‘ Recommended Practice for Work on Profiled Sheeted Roofs’, a best practice guide by the Advisory Committee for Roofwork. To Avoid injury appropriate P.P.E must be worn at all times when handling GRP products.

Personnel – Re-working & Machining

When cutting or machining with power tools, a non toxic biological inert dust is produced. These dust levels should be kept as low as reasonably practical, and must not exceed the Occupational Exposure Limit Of 10mg/m³ total inhalable dust and 4mg/m³ respirable dust – 8 hour TWA value. When working out of doors, it is most unlikely that these levels could be reached. When working indoors or in confined spaces, adequate ventilation should be provided and where extensive operations are necessary, suitable dust extraction should be provided. Operators should wear suitable dust masks and goggles. In isolated cases GRP dust may cause a slight transient irritation. Should these effects be prolonged or any signs of a rash occur, medical advice must be obtained. All exposed skin must be thoroughly and frequently washed with copious amounts of sterile or clean water.


All Coverworld UK Ltd GRP sheets will burn giving off black toxic smoke which can include hydrogen chloride and hydrogen bromide fumes. Suitable extinguishers include dry powder, carbon dioxide, foam and water spray. Wear self-contained breathing apparatus.


Coverworld UK Ltd GRP is an inert product. Scrap and waste sheets should only be disposed of at approved land fill sites.