150 micron White Foodsafe Laminate

  • Safe For Continuous Contact With Food
  • Resistant To Staining & Mould Growth
  • Resistant To Surface Extraction
  • Vinyl Chlorides Monomer Level ≤ 0.5ppm
Applications Internal Use Only: Coldstore, Food Storage & Food Preparation Areas
Description Thickness 150µ
Composition DX51/D
Front 150µ Of Finish
Back 5,7 Or 12µ Backing Coat
Colours White Only
Appearance Slight Uniform Textured Finish
Performance Standards Test Condition Result
Gloss ECCA T2 ASTM D523 (60°) 6.4%
Flexibility ECCA T7 ASTM D522 (0T) No Crack
Hardness ECCA T4 ASTM D3363 N/A
Adhesion ASTM D3359 Cross Hatch Tape Adhesion 5B
Erichsen 100/100 1mm x H100 Erichsen 6mm No Peel Off
Impact Resistance No Crack 50cm x ½” x 500g Tapping No Crack
Salt Spray


ASTM D1654

5% NaCI No Blister
Humidity ASTM D2247 No Blister, No Change
QUV Weatherometer


ASTM D3361

1000 Hour N/A
Chemical Resistance:
·         5% HCI ASTM D6688 24 Hours No Blister
·         5% NaOH ASTM D6688 24 Hours No Blister
Maximum Continuous Working Temperature 50°C
Minimum Temperature For Forming 20°C