25 micron Polyester

Properties Thermosetting Paint
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good formability
  • Surface treatment and paint

(free of hexavalent chromium & heavy metals)

Applications Basic coating for outdoor applications (cladding, roofing and accessories)
Description Thickness 25μ



Front 5µ primer & 20µ top coat
Back 7μ backing coat
Double sided finish also available
Gloss (Gardner 60º)

30 GU

Other gloss levels on request

Colours Call Sales Office for available colour range
Appearance Smooth
Temporary Protection (optional) Self-adhesive film
Performance Adhesion of the coating (T-bend) ≤ 2 T
Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend) ≤ 3 T
Impact Resistance 18 J
Surface “pencil” hardness HB to H
Clemen scratch resistance ≥ 2 Kg
Corrosion resistance:

  • Salt spray test
  • Corrosion resistance category


360 Hours


Condensation resistance (QCT) 1000 Hours
UV resistance:

  • QUV (UVA + H2O) test (2000 Hours)
∆ E ≤ 5; GR ≥ 30%
Fire Behavior Classification (EN 13501-1) A1
Resistance to acids and bases Good
Resistance to solvents:

  • Aliphatics and alcohols
  • Ketones
  • Aromatics

Very Good


Good to Very Good

Resistance to mineral oils Very Good