Materials & Colours

Please note, all colours shown on this page are for reference only and should not be taken as the actual colour you would receive, variations in monitor resolutions will affect how these colours appear and we would always strongly recommend requesting a colour sample of material if colour matching is an important factor.



The Plastisol coated finish is Coverworld’s most popular finish, offering a durable, weatherproof topcoat suitable for most roof and wall cladding systems where good performance is required at a competitive price. Plastisol has an embossed leathergrain texture with good corrosion resistance and excellent abrasion resistance, this coupled with a guarantee (not automatic, must be applied for) of up to 25 years makes it clear to see why it is such a popular material. The external coating is 200μ thick and comes in a wide range of standard colours with a standard 7μ grey back coat reverse.

Standard Colour Range

Extended Colour Range

Premium & Accent Colour Range (Available In A 0.7mm Thickness Only)


The Polyester coated finish is another very popular material where a less expensive option is required. The Polyester coating is a 25μ smooth finish and whilst it does not have the lifespan or durability that a Plastisol coating has it still offers a long lasting finish with very good corrosion resistance. It’s a very popular product for the agricultural market due to it’s cost effective nature and the range of colours it is available in.

* Available in a 0.5mm thickness only.

** Available in a 0.7mm thickness only.


The PVDF coated finish is a high end product which tends to be used mostly for projects with high specification architectural finishes or components. It is a smooth 35μ coating which offers excellent colour and appearance stability, good corrosion resistance and excellent chemical resistance. All PVDF materials are only available in a 0.7mm thickness.

* These colours are non-standard and would be subject to minimum order quantities, contact the sales office for more details.

Granite HDX

The Granite HDX material is another high end product designed for use in harsher environments. It has a robust 55μ coating which offers very good UV resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, with a guarantee (not automatic, must be applied for) of up to 30 years it’s easy to see why this product has become more popular over the last few years. All Granite HDX materials are only available in a 0.7mm thickness.

Other Materials

As well as the products listed above we can also offer plain galvanised material, plain aluzinc material, bright white lining enamels and foodsafe liners.