Non-Drip Sheeting


Coverworld Non-Drip is a galvanised prepainted steel profile sheet, coated on the reverse side with an unwoven fabric which regulates condensation.  Humidity is absorbed and evaporates, when the temperature inside the building rises.

Suitable Environment

Coverworld Non-Drip is ideal for single skin, insulation under rail and insulation over false ceiling constructions where condensation control is of prime importance. For example;

  • Cold Stores
  • Sports & Leisure Centres
  • Chill Rooms
  • Agricultural & Equestrian Buildings

Application Process

Coverworld Non-Drip backing is applied to the underside of our sheeting during the roll forming stage. When rolling, the overlap edge is left uncoated which helps to prevent water being drawn into the lap by syphonic action.

Technical Characteristics

External Coating – Normally a leathergrain embossed 200µ thick Plastisol with an epoxy primer on the reverse. It can also be applied to the Polyester, HDX & PVDF finishes.

Condensation Regulating Fabric – It has an unwoven polyester cellulose composition, and comes as a white / light grey mix colouring. The weight of the material is 110 grams per m² covered.

Corrosion Resistance – After 1000 hours in a salt spray, the adherence of the fabric to the steel sheet is identical to that before the test. Four barriers seperate the humid area from the steel;

  • The zinc
  • The chemical treatment
  • The primer
  • The adhesive

The corrosion resistance is therefore greatly improved. It can also help in harsher environments as the adhesive is rubber based giving an additional layer of protection between the environment and the steel sheet.

How It Works

Coverworld Non-Drip helps to control condensation in environments where it occurs cyclically. For the material to work effectively the building has to be adequately ventilated to allow the fleece to dry out between cycles. Ideally the ridge and eaves should be left open without the use of foam fillers, if the use of foam fillers is a requirement then an alternative roof construction should be considered. The roof pitch also has a significant bearing on the products performance and with this in mind a minimum roof pitch of 10° is recommended, for roof pitches below 10° please seek advice from our sales team.

When Coverworld Non-Drip is used in a livestock situation the humidity generated by these animals can be quite high, the table below shows the moisture levels produced by livestock and the area required by each animal to keep humidity levels under 80gm/m²/hour.

Animal Weight Moisture Produced Area Requirement Per Animal
Cows 500kg 361gm/hour 4.51m²
Horses 500kg 361gm/hour 4.51m²
Sheep 100kg 83gm/hour 1.04m²
Pigs 100kg 83gm/hour 1.04m²
Chickens 2.2kg 5.5gm/hour 0.07m²


Storage & Maintenance

Ideally the product should be stored indoors prior to installation, where this is not possible the packs of material must be stored off the ground and kept dry. Profiled sheets should not be allowed to slide on each other or onto steelwork as this will minimise the chance of the fleece becoming damaged. If the backing coat becomes dirty it can be cleaned using a pressure washer if possible, in the case of livestock buildings this should be done once a year with a solution containing fungicide.


The Coverworld group of companies has supplied it’s Non-Drip product on a number of large prestigious projects throughout the United Kingdom, some recent examples are;

  • 32,000m² for a Chill Store at in Kent
  • 6,000m² for Langdon Properties at Bridgewater in Somerset