Steelfab and the future of steel

In their own words, SteelFab is known as the most comprehensive event of its kind. It caters to the entire gamut of auxiliary segments of the fabrication industry in a much-focused manner through its special segments such as Power Tools, Machine Tools, Welding & Cutting and Tube & Pipe.

As we have discussed in previous blogs, the metal fabrication industry is evolving fast to keep up with modern trends and technologies. This is being driven by the internet of things and connected machinery. As a result, the landscape and industry overall is changing fast. This years conference welcomed speakers to help better equip metal fabricators to ride the tech wave.


Interestingly, one of the talks covered the changing face of the structural steel fabrication market and digitisation in steel fabrication. Within the discussion, here were some of the key takeaways…


The future of the iron and steel industry and global market trends in this vital sector are incredibly important in the near future. The presence of major manufacturers and representatives of the most prominent local and international companies of metalwork are key to the sector’s sustainable future. 


In order to keep pace with the fourth generation of the industrial revolution, we must increase our competitiveness, develop operations and performance, reduce production costs, increase energy efficiency, and strengthen health and safety.


The sustainable future of steel

The findings from this discussion were fascinating, aligning closely with blogs we’ve written in the past. The steel industry must ride the tech wave in order to achieve sustainability and environmental acceptance within the global market. Although some may perceive steel to be somewhat ancient, new technologies are now in play to drive them into the modern era.

We’re confident that, with new technology and changing attitudes from global manufacturers, the landscape of the steel industry will change entirely. This may not be a natural transition, but it’s one that will certainly take place as a result of demand pressures.

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