Why use steel cladding?

Why use cladding?

Steel cladding is one of the fundamental building blocks of sustainable architecture. Not only does it allow for the creation of distinctive looks, but it is also a highly durable material, requiring minimal maintenance of a building façade for many years to come.

What is the purpose of cladding? 

Steel cladding is predominantly used for buildings in order to achieve a distinct feature. As you can see, our range of wall profiles can be installed both vertically and horizontally within a project. Not only does this offer enhanced protection, but it adds character to industrial buildings.


Steel cladding walls


Besides the application of buildings, steel cladding advantages stretch much further than just appearance. At Coverworld UK Ltd, we’re proud of our ability to diversify. Our 32/1000 crimp curved plastisol sheeting is a prime example. Not only is the continuous curved profile aesthetically pleasing, but it is also manufactured to specification. Its specific application is within the rail industry, used to cover railway carriages. In addition, our box profiles are another great example of our ability to diversify. These are administered to silos to offer enhanced protection and improve aesthetic appeal.

Cladding rail industry

cladding silos


The agricultural market is another area that Coverworld operates within. This doesn’t just mean steel cladding for sheds either. Our extensive stock holdings allows us to provide a valuable service to jobs of all shapes and sizes within the sector. For example, Coverworld UK Ltd is the sole manufacturer of the big 6 Fibre Cement product in metal. This can be used as an alternative to replace or overclad. It can also be incorporated in a more contemporary setting as an architectural feature. The three colours shown below are Goosewing Grey, Merlin grey and Anthracite. Other colours options are also available.


Steel cladding


Overall, through our core principles and unrivaled expertise, our contribution to the UK’s infrastructure is well-founded. The confidence, skill and ability of our experienced group of staff allows us to continue our mission of top quality service over 30 years later.

How much is steel cladding?

Coverworld has gained a reputation for supplying high quality products at competitive prices. However, the price of steel cladding is very much dependent on your specific project. If you want to know more, download our brochure via our website. Alternatively, give our sales team a call.