Spacer Bar Support Systems

Covergrid Spacer Bar Support Systems


The Covergrid Spacer System consists of roll formed rails of structural grade steel with bracket supports and thermal break/vapour seal pads. Ideal for use on both new build double skin roofing and cladding as well as refurbishment applications. Compared with traditional methods, Covergrid provides improved strength and stability together with savings in labour costs. The system’s versatility also ensures that structural integrity is not compromised by the familiar problems caused by missed fixings.

The fixing procedure starts with the tacking of the lining panels onto the structural purlin/rails with stitch fasteners. This acts as a preliminary hold prior to the fixing of the spacer and support assembly. Brackets are then positioned and locked into the support bar at the recommended intervals and fixed with standard self drive hexagonal headed fasteners.

Insulation may be laid, cut or tucked under the support bar for continuity or laid continuously underneath the support bracket if preferred. Optional breather membrane may be laid if specified. Coverworld weathering sheet is then laid and fixed. A range of bracket sizes are available from 60mm – 280mm to accommodate various insulation thicknesses and ‘U’ values.


The spacer system has many inbuilt features;

  • Strong and simple to assemble
  • Fast, cost effective, safe fixing
  • Ribbed reinforcing fixing zone for greater fastener security
  • Thermal check zone
  • Twin fixing holes angled for increased resistance to pull out
  • Strong support – up to 1.0m fixing centres for brackets
  • Bar end spigot for easy alignment
  • Vapour seal pad acts as thermal insulator
  • Can be used with both Roof and Wall panels