Coverworld offer a comprehensive range of construction and cladding fixings, suitable for use with our full range of products. Please contact a member of our sales team for further details 01246 858222.


Carbon Steel Fasteners

The Coverworld range of carbon steel fixings are manufactured from carbon steel that is coated with a specialist three part organic based coating. This environmentally friendly process is chosen for the resistance to both saline and sulphur dioxide atmospheres. Available with or without nylon moulded coloured heads, the 14mm flange under the hexagonal head improves stability and reduces the risk of sealing washer inversion. For many metal roofing and cladding applications. Carbon steel fasteners may be sufficient to meet a functional life expectancy of 25 years, with a maximum warranty of 10 – 12 years. Therefore, in aggressive environments carbon steel may not offer sufficient protection against corrosion.


Stainless Steel Fasteners

The Coverworld Bi-Metal 304 austenitic stainless steel range offers specifiers and contractors a number of advanced corrosion resistant solutions. Designed to meet the most stringent of performance specifications, the range can deliver a functional life expectancy exceeding 40 years and a warranty of up to 25 years in most environments. The main body and head of fasteners manufactured from 304 grade austenitic stainless steel grade for optimum strength and corrosion resistance as recommended in BS 5427 : 1996. The drill point and first threads on the fastener are heat-treated carbon steel, which affords fast and efficient drilling of purlins and sheeting rails. This bi-metal combination provides the durability of stainless steel combined with the time saving self drilling properties of carbon steel. The Coverworld Bi-Metal 304 austenitic stainless range is suitable for use in most types of roofing and cladding applications e.g. built up systems, standing seam and composite panels and is available with the same head options offered for the carbon steel range.


Moulded Head Fasteners

Coverworld moulded head fasteners are available in three head forms covering roof, wall and rooflight applications with drill points available for light section and heavy section steel, stitchers and fasteners for timber. Providing durability and long-term colour performance,  the fasteners are offered in the full ranges of BS, RAL and sheet colours to match external cladding and create an aesthetically pleasing building exterior. Manufactured from corrosion-free, UV stabilised nylon, the colour head is integrally moulded onto stainless/carbon steel hexagonal head form with 14mm flange to eliminate any risk of becoming detached. The 11mm bi-hexagonal integral colour head is  profiled to give maximum grip and withstand the high levels of torque received during drilling and tapping and offers excellent resistance to degradation or rounding. Even after long term exposure to extreme conditions, the head remains intact to offer firm grip and easy turning. Specially designed sockets are available to retain the colour head during installation. These eliminate ’rounding off’ during the drilling stage.