Coverworld Foam Fillers are manufactured from Expanded Polyethylene and are an economic means of filling the gaps created by the profiled metal roof sheeting and cladding. They are stocked in the following profiles:


Supplied in Pair Form:
  • 1000/32 Box Profile
  • 1000/34 Box Profile
  • 1000/24 Box Profile
  • 1000/20 Box Profile
  • 914/38 Box Profile
Supplied Individually:
  • Big 6 Corrugated Profile
  • 13½/3 Corrugated Profile
  • KS1000RW Profile – Large Flute
  • Blank Foam Blocks 1000mm x 40mm x 30mm


Miscellaneous Profiles, Ventilated & Angle cut fillers can also be supplied on request.

Please contact a member of our sales team for further details 01246 858222.