Butyl Sealing Tapes

High Quality Butyl Rubber Sealing Compound

Roofing and cladding systems:

  • Provides a weather tight seal for use with coated steal, aluminium and fibre cement roofing and cladding systems in side and end lap applications.
  • For sealing side and end laps on GRP and Polycarbonate rooflights.
  • For sealing perimeter flashings in roofing and cladding systems.
  • Provides an (internal) “airtight” seal to enable compliance to building regulations and project specifications.
  • For sealing steel gutter joints.
Joint Design
  • Lapstrip is normally used in some form of lap joint. Good joint performance requires good initial contact between the strip and both surfaces of the joint. A positive compression during application allows both surfaces to gain maximum contact with the strip sealant. Lapstrip must have a nominal thickness just greater than maximum anticipated joint clearance.
  • Full technical and COSHH data is available on our ranges of GCA and HP600 butyl tapes. Please request from our technical department.
  • All our butyl sealing tapes comply to Class A as defined in the NFRC Technical Bulletin 36.
  • The MCRMA Technical Paper 16 also offers practical advice with regards endlap sealing.

Cartridge Mastics

Polyseal 40
  • A high quality moisture cured sealant based on polyurethane to give very good movement accommodation and adhesion to many surfaces.
  • Excellent resistance to many chemicals.
  • Standard Colours – Black, White and Grey.
  • Sealing and bonding in metal constructions.
  • Sealing of shrinkage joints in concrete floors.
  • Flexible bonding’s in container fabrication
  • Sealing of joints in caravan and motor homes
  • Bonding of most building materials

Cartridge Silicones

Low Modulus Silicone
  • A high quality low modulus neutral cure one-part silicone sealant which cures to form a flexible rubber.
  • An elastic sealant which conforms to BS 5889: 1989 Part A.
  • Standard colours are: Translucent, White, Grey, Brown and Black.
  • For sealing trims and flashing in roofing and cladding.
  • Many general industrial uses for example automotive , caravans, boat building, heating and ventilation.

Cartridge Foams

Hodgson Fire Foam
  • A single component fire retardant construction foam that conforms to DIN 4102-Part 1  Class B1:1998
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of building materials such as brick, concrete, metal and PVC-u
  • 100% HCFC-PCB and formaldehyde free totally cured and chemically inert
  • For gap filling – sealing of partition walls and around pipes where a fire rated foam is required
  • For maintaining insulation to cavities and joints in structures
  • For providing backing material for joints prior to the application of sealants
  • General gap filling applications